Property expansions do not always relate to the actual adding of extra space to the pre-existing unit. It can also mean using the property for other purposes, which does not constitute to it being a living space for a family unit as most conventional uses would entail.

The following are some things that can be explored when addressing the expansion of property, while still keeping in line with regulatory bodies requirements:.


A property can be converted into an office space or a place of business. This can be done if the relevant authorities have designated the property and the surrounding area for commercial use. Therefore, offering the property up for these uses can enhance its value if the said property is in a prime location where the ideal traffic flow can be tapped into.

Using the property to facilitate a home business entity, is also another option that can be explored, provided the business style intended is not going to cause any inconvenience or adversity to the surrounding area. This is quite a popular form of starting a business and with the assistance provided by the governing bodies, it has become a fast growing industry.

Expanding the property revenue earning possibilities by redesigning the home into smaller self sufficient and self contained units will also contribute to the enhanced possibility of deriving more revenue. If such an establishment is well run, there will be no shortage of interest in the property. Another feature that will benefit this style of dwellings would be if the property is ideally located within reasonable distance from all amenities.

The more conventional way of expanding the property would be to actually physically add on built up sections to the pre existing built up area. Such additions should ideally be around designs like a conservatory, a outdoor barbecue area and lounge, a swimming pool, a green house and any other features that would be deemed attractive and functional to the prospective buyer or investor.